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This Week: Ebola in the News
This week's recent news on the Ebola crisis in Africa.

July 6 - 12, 2015

Guinea's President on Global Aid Push: 'Ebola Forced Us to Change Completely' | July 12, 2015
The Guardian
More than a year after the charity Médecins Sans Frontières sounded the alarm on the Ebola epidemic that would claim more than 11,000 lives, the international community on Friday pledged $3.4bn...Read More
Japan Pledges Additional $12 Million for Fight Against Ebola | July 11, 2015
The Japan Times
Japan on Friday pledged $11.95 million in additional assistance to West African countries fighting Ebola. Of the total, $10.40 million is intended for food aid and $1.55 million is for technical assistance...Read More

International Financial Institutions Announce $400 Billion to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals | July 10, 2015
The multilateral development banks (MDBs) and IMF today signaled plans to extend more than $400 billion in financing over the next three years and vowed to work more closely with ...Read More

Pledges of $3.4 billion for Ebola recovery made at United Nations | July 10, 2015
Some $3.4 billion in pledges were made at the United Nations on Friday to help Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea stamp out Ebola and begin rebuilding health systems and economies...Read More

Ebola Linked to Higher Maternal Mortality | July 10, 2015
Voice of America
The World Bank warns the Ebola deaths of hundreds of healthcare workers could cause maternal mortality rates to soar in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone...Read More

What It’s Like To Fight Ebola When the World Stops Listening | July 9, 2015
Anna Halford:My first deployment into the Ebola outbreak was in September, when I was sent to Liberia. After three months there I was eventually stationed in Guinea...Read More

WHO Not Equipped to Handle Crisis Like Ebola, Report Says | July 8, 2015
Gulf News
More than a year after the Ebola epidemic began tearing through three of the world’s most fragile countries, the World Health Organisation remains unfit to handle a public health emergency... Read More
Panel Calls W.H.O. Unfit to Handle a Crisis Like Ebola | July 7, 2015
New York Times
More than a year after the Ebola epidemic began tearing through three of the world’s most fragile countries, the World Health Organization remains unfit to handle a public health emergency... Read More

June 8 - 14, 2015

QC provides funds for Ebola treatment in Sierra Leone | June 14, 2015
Gulf Times
Qatar Charity (QC) has provided QR360,000 for the purchase of personal protective and other vital equipment at an Ebola treatment centre (ETC) in Lunsar, Sierra Leone... Read More

Parliament calls for suspension, stoppage of Ebola vaccine trial | June 11, 2015
Parliament on Wednesday passionately expressed their displeasure against the Ebola vaccine trial in Hohoe in the Volta Region, and called for the immediate suspension and stoppage... Read More

Ghanaian FDA Approves Ebola Vaccine Trial | June 10, 2015
The food and drugs Authority (FDA) has officially given an international pharmaceutical company approval to commence Ebola Vaccines trial here in Ghana... Read More

Cases of Ebola Recede in West Africa, But Fears of Recurrence Remain | June 9, 2015
LA Times
Ebola, which wiped out families, orphaned children and devastated West African economies, is finally retreating more than 18 months after the epidemic began, with Sierra Leona expected to be free... Read More

G7 States Vow to Wipe Out Ebola But Offer Little Concrete Action | June 8, 2015
Leaders of the Group of Seven industrial nations pledged on Monday to wipe out Ebola but offered little in terms of concrete action, disappointing non-governmental organisations... Read More

‚ÄčJune 1 - 7, 2015

Ebola Spreads Suspicion and Rumours in Guinea | June 7, 2015
AFP/Yahoo! News
The only possible place to encounter Ebola in Conakry is the main treatment unit, yet elsewhere in Guinea the virus is thriving in a febrile atmosphere of deep mistrust and swirling conspiracy theory... Read More

After Ebola, World Still Unprepared for Global Pandemic: MSF | June 3, 2015
The global health system is unable to handle another mass epidemic like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Médecins Sans Frontières said, urging wealthy nations to develop coordinated response... Read More

Drugs to Fight Ebola May Already Be in Your Medicine Cabinet, Study Suggests | June 3, 2015
LA Times
Researchers have found two drugs that saved the lives of mice infected with the deadly Ebola virus, and you may have them in your medicine cabinet already. Zoloft, an antidepressant that has... Read More

ExxonMobil & NOCAL Give $162K to Post-Ebola Efforts | June 2, 2015
Front Page Africa
ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Liberia Ltd., in cooperation with the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), has provided a US$102,500 grant to the Liberian chapter of ... Read More

Ban to Convene International Ebola Recovery Conference in New York | June 2, 2015
UN News Centre
To help mobilize needed resources “in the last mile of the response” against the Ebola outbreak and to start the affected West African countries on the path of early recovery, United Nations... Read More

Twitter Announced Ebola Outbreak Before Officials Did, Study Claims | June 2, 2015
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
A new study says that tweets announced the Ebola outbreak in West Africa three days before health officials did. Writing in the American Journal of Infection Control, researchers from... Read More

Liberia Tackles Measles as the Ebola Epidemic Comes to an End | June 1, 2015
As Liberia emerges from the devastating Ebola epidemic, it has been battling another disease outbreak – measles. The Ebola outbreak led to the collapse of most health services in Liberia, including... Read More

May 25 - 31, 2015

Ebola Health-Care Workers Attacked in Guinea as Death Toll Rises | May 30, 2015
A mob attacked health-care workers looking for someone suspected of having Ebola in the city of Kamsar as the death toll from the disease in the West African country increased. While... Read More

Nigeria: Dangote Foundation Commits N906 Million [US $4.5 mil] to Ebola | May 29, 2015
This Day Live
Determined to ensure that the deadly Ebola Virus is completely routed from the land, the Dangote Foundation has again risen up to the challenges after it offered to defray the cost of... Read More

A Conversation With Lusu Sloan: 'Over 400 Market Women Died From Ebola in Liberia' | May 29, 2015
Ebola Deeply
Dorothy Davis, Chair of the International Board of Directors of the Sirleaf Market Women's Fund, shared a conversation with Lusu Sloan, President of the Liberia Marketing Association... Read More

Red Cross Sends Ebola Team to At-Risk GBissau Border | May 29, 2015
Guinea-Bissau said on Thursday it had strengthened health screening at its borders after a rash of Ebola cases in neighbouring Guinea. The announcement came after the Red Cross said... Read More

Liberian Health Workers: Don't Confirm New Health Minister | May 28, 2015
The New Dawn (Liberia)
Health workers in Bong County have maintained that they will not work with Health Minister-designate Dr. Bernice Dahn if confirmed by the Liberian Senate. Speaking to journalists following... Read More

Ebola Cases Drop, But Battle Remains in Two Tough Hot Spots | May 27, 2015
The number of confirmed Ebola infections in Guinea and Sierra Leone fell last week on the heels of a steep rise, continuing a jagged pattern that signifies challenges in the outbreak that... Read More

High-Dose Novel Ebola Vaccine Immunogenic and Safe | May 26, 2015
A novel recombinant adenovirus type-5 vector-based Ebola vaccine based on the 2014 Zaire Guinea Ebola strain, which is responsible for the current Ebola epidemic, elicited a robust... Read More

Ebola Set to Persist in 2015, But Funds for Aid Are Lacking: WHO | May 26, 2015
The Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone is expected to take all of 2015 to stamp out and may persist even longer because of dwindling financing, the World Health Organization (WHO)... Read More

Liberia: Hazard Payment to Routine Health Workers On Course | May 26, 2015
The Ministry of Health (MoH) has commenced payments of hazard back pay for the months of October-December 2014 to at least 1,587 routine healthcare workers in 13 of... Read More

Lassa Fever Death in New Jersey Recalls Ebola Death in Texas | May 26, 2015
Washington Post
A man in New Jersey has died of a deadly infectious disease from the same part of the world the Ebola virus originated. Lassa fever was named after a town in Nigeria where Western doctors ... Read More

Ebola Crisis: Guineans Jailed for Putting Corpse in Taxi | May 25, 2015
BBC News
Six people have been put in isolation in prison in Guinea after being accused of travelling with a corpse of a relative who had died of Ebola. The authorities said the body was seated upright in a taxi... Read More

Liberia: South African Government Lifts Travel Restrictions On Liberians | May 25, 2015
The government of South Africa has with immediate effect lifted travel restrictions placed on Liberians during the Ebola crisis. During the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, the South African government placed... Read More

May 18 - 24, 2015

Ebola research: Fewer Patients, But Far More Data | May 20, 2015
Deutsche Welle
For months, Ebola research has been running in high gear. Now, the number of infected people has decreased. How will this influence research into the disease?... Read More

Work to Resume at Liberia Hydro Plant After Ebola Outbreak | May 20, 2015
Work on a hydropower project in Liberia is about to resume, the chief executive of Germany's Voith Hydro Heidenheim said, as the country seeks to rebuild its economy after a devastating Ebola... Read More

Ivory Coast Shows How to Keep Ebola at Bay | May 20, 2015
Deutsche Welle
Ivory Coast has remained free of Ebola, although thousands have died in neighboring Guinea and Liberia. The Ivorian government was quick to launch an awareness campaign and its efforts seem to... Read More

Coal Giant Exploited Ebola Crisis for Corporate Gain, Say Health Experts | May 20, 2015
The Guardian (UK)
Public health experts involved in the response to the Ebola crisis have condemned what they described as a ludicrous, insulting and opportunistic attempt to exploit the disease for corporate... Read More

Nigeria, Seven Others to Begin Ebola Vaccine Trial | May 20, 2015
The Guardian (Nigeria)
Nigeria is one of eight African countries where clinical trials of a vaccine for the Ebola virus disease will soon commence. The others are Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cameroun, Ghana, Mali and Senegal... Read More

WHO Says Ebola "Won't Go Quietly" As New Case Numbers Edge Up | May 19, 2015
Guinea and Sierra Leone reported 35 new Ebola cases in the past week, four times as many as the week before, in a reminder that the virus "will not go quietly", a top World Health Organization... Read More

Doctors Link Risky Burials to Ebola Rise in West Africa | May 19, 2015
New York Times
Only days after declaring the lowest number of new Ebola cases in Guinea and Sierra Leone this year, officials at the World Health Organization said Tuesday that there had been a nearly... Read More

Commendations for Ebola-Free Liberia At ECOWAS 47th Meeting | May 19, 2015
Ghanaian President and Chairman of ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government, His Excellency, Dr. John Dramani Mahama has commended President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her ... Read More

Liberia: Ebola Task Force Rejects ‘Unprofessional’ GAC Audit Report | May 19, 2015
Front Page Africa
Taking a page from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the Incident Management System or Task Force overseeing Liberia’s response to the deadly Ebola virus outbreak, has characterized... Read More

New Ebola Cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone Show Huge Effort Still Needed - WHO | May 19, 2015
Guinea and Sierra Leone reported 35 new Ebola cases in the past week, four times as many as the week before, in a reminder that the virus "will not go quietly", a top World Health Org... Read More

Ebola Crisis Prompts $100m WHO Emergency Fund | May 18, 2015
BBC News
The World Health Organization is to set up a $100m emergency contingency fund following the Ebola outbreak, its director-general has announced. Speaking in Geneva, Margaret Chan said... Read More

Merkel Urges Faster Global Response to Ebola-Like Crises | May 18, 2015
Chancellor Angela Merkel urged a faster global response to health crises such as West Africa’s Ebola outbreak, saying the push is on her agenda as Germany presides over the Group of Seven... Read More

Ebola Slowed Hunting In Cape Mount | May 18, 2015
The Ebola pandemic minimized hunting activities in Grand Cape Mount County, the Chief Park Warden of Lake Piso Multiple Use Reserve, Steve Miapeh, has said... Read More

May 11 - 17, 2015

Liberia Eyes Us.$2.8 Billion - Trust Issues Dogging MOH Nominees | May 17, 2015
Confirmation hearings are set to take place this week for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s nominees at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Last November, Sirleaf ousted Dr. Walter Gwenigale, who... Read More

Liberia: LMA Urges Marketers to Maintain Hand-Washing | May 15, 2015
The Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) is urging marketers across the country to maintain the hand-washing protocol at the various markets for an additional three months, despite Liberia being declared Ebola-free... Read More

Guinea Ebola Cases Climb Due to Transmissions at Funerals | May 15, 2015
Guinea has seen a spate of new Ebola cases due to transmissions at funerals, a worrying sign for the African nation as it seeks to stamp out a year-long epidemic that has killed over 11,000 people ... Read More

Nurses With Tablets and Bikers With Smartphones Join Ebola Fight | May 15, 2015
While health experts in laboratories globally have tried to devise ways to end the largest Ebola epidemic on record, technology experts have also been coming up with new ways to attack the virus... Read More

Sierra Leone: Health Minister Wants World Bank Ebola Money Probe | May 14, 2015
Concord Times (Freetown)
The Minister of Health and Sanitation has disclosed that his ministry and the government of Sierra Leone are gravely concerned about the management of Ebola funds by non-governmental ... Read More

Nigeria: Ebola: Counting the Cost | May 14, 2015
This Day Live
Months after Nigeria was declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group gathered... Read More

Emergent BioSolutions, Glaxo Initiate Ebola Vaccine Study - Analyst Blog | May 14, 2015
Emergent BioSolutions announced that a new phase I study has begun at the University of Oxford that will evaluate the use of its modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) Ebola Zaire vaccine candidate as a prime boost to GlaxoSmithKline's Chimp Adenovirus type 3 Ebola vaccine candidate... Read More

Disputes Emerge on African Ebola Drug Trials | May 13, 2015
Wall Street Journal
The Ebola crisis is winding down in West Africa, but the effort to develop drugs to treat the virus hasn’t lost its urgency, dividing scientists over whether it is ethical to test treatments on patients without rigorous research controls... Read More

World Bank Promises Role In Liberia's Post-Ebola Recovery | May 13, 2015
The World Bank Group has reaffirmed its commitment to remain supportive of Liberia’s effort to maintain its Ebola-free status and build a system for economic growth and job opportunities... Read More

Study Shows Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone Mutated at a Normal Rate | May 13, 2015
LA Times
A new genetic analysis of the Ebola virus suggests that it has evolved considerably since its introduction into Sierra Leone in 2014 -- but that its rate of change has been similar to that observed in earlier outbreaks... Read More

Aethlon Medical Announces Health Canada Approval of Ebola Treatment Protocol | May 13, 2015
PR Newswire
Aethlon Medical, Inc., the pioneer in developing targeted therapeutic devices to address infectious diseases and cancer, today disclosed that the Medical Devices Bureau of Health Canada has approved... Read More

Inovio Initiates Clinical Trial With DNA Immunotherapies to Prevent and Treat Ebola | May 12, 2015
Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:INO) announced today that the company has initiated a phase I trial to evaluate safety, tolerability and immune responses of Inovio's DNA immunotherapy for Ebola.... Read More

Liberia Gvt, EU Sign US$50.8m ‘State Building Contract’ | May 12, 2015
The Liberian Government Monday signed a US$50.8 million "State Building Contract” with the European Union (EU) as part of EU’s cooperation program with Liberia... Read More

Liberia’s Military Tries to Remedy Tension Over Ebola Quarantine | May 12, 2015
New York Times
The chief of staff for the Armed Forces of Liberia, Brig. Gen. Daniel D. Ziankahn Jr., hung up his navy blue suit, put on a bright yellow jersey and shorts, then bounded toward a sandy field... Read More

Goodbye Ebola: Liberia Holds Party After 'Beating' the Disease | May 12, 2015
BBC News
Liberia's held an official celebration of the country being declared free of Ebola. The government and the World Health Organisation made the announcement on Saturday after 42 days without a new case... Read More

UN Health Agency Draws Lessons From Ebola to Prepare Roadmap for Future Epidemics | May 12, 2015
The World Health Organization (WHO) today concluded a meeting on Ebola research and development to look at lessons learned from the outbreak and develop a roadmap for future epidemics... Read More

Now Ebola-Free, Liberia’s Maternal Health Needs Take Centre Stage | May 12, 2015
Two days ago, Liberia was declared Ebola-free, after the tragic 13-month-long outbreak saw the deaths of nearly 5,000 people. But while the outbreak is now officially over, health systems remain disrupted... Read More

May 4 - 10, 2015

The Ebola Outbreak in Liberia Is Over | May 9, 2015
Today, 9 May 2015, WHO declares Liberia free of Ebola virus transmission. Forty-two days have passed since the last laboratory-confirmed case was buried on 28 March 2015. The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia is over... Read More

Liberia Conquers Ebola, but Faces a Crisis of Faith | May 9, 2015
New York Times
It decimated hospitals, schools, families, fortunes and, for many, even their faith. Now, it is officially over. The Ebola outbreak has ended in Liberia, the World Health Organization announced Saturday... Read More

Liberia Set to Be Declared Ebola-Free | May 8, 2015
The Guardian (UK)
Liberia is a day away from being declared Ebola-free but the country remains on high alert, with neighbouring Sierra Leone and Guinea still reporting cases of the infectious disease... Read More

Guinea: Traditional Healers Support Ebola Response at the Risk of Personal Hardship | May 8, 2015
In remote villages in the forest area of Guinea, people have strong beliefs in traditional practices. They often seek the services of traditional healers before going to health facilities... Read More

After Nearly Claiming His Life, Ebola Lurked in a Doctor’s Eye | May 7, 2015
New York Times
When Dr. Ian Crozier was released from Emory University Hospital in October after a long, brutal fight with Ebola that nearly ended his life, his medical team thought he was cured. But less than two months later... Read More

Liberia Completes Phase Two of Ebola Virus Trial Vaccines | May 7, 2015
Front Page Africa
With no Ebola case reported nearly two months and less than three days left for Liberia to be declared Ebola free, the country has completed Phase Two of the experimental Ebola vaccines... Read More

As Liberia Moves Past Ebola ‘Nightmare,’ Security and Political Challenges Still Ahead, UN Envoy Cautions (Interview) | May 6, 2015
As Liberia bounces back from the “national nightmare” of a devastating Ebola epidemic which claimed more than 4,000 lives, the country must also prepare for a series of future challenges... Read More

Liberia: Clinton Warns Against Discriminating Ebola Survivors | May 6, 2015
...former United States President Bill Clinton visited Liberia during which he urged Liberians not to discriminate against Ebola survivors, rather embrace them and make them feel a part of society... Read More

UN Hails Progress on Ebola as New Weekly Cases Below 20 | May 5, 2015
The U.N. envoy on Ebola on Tuesday hailed "extraordinary progress" against the outbreak in West Africa after new cases last week fell below 20 for the first time since mid-2014, but he warned it would take time to end... Read More

CDC Downgrades Travel Notice for Ebola in Liberia | May 5, 2015
Infection Control Today
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has downgraded the travel notice for Ebola in Liberia to an Alert, Level 2, which means that CDC no longer recommends U.S. residents avoid nonessential travel to Liberia... Read More

Liberia: UNICEF Makes Post-Ebola Donation | May 5, 2015
Liberian Observer
The everyday management of hundreds of metric tons of fetid dirt, including sewer waste from Monrovia and its environs, especially the slum communities, remain a tremendous challenge to the Monrovia City... Read More

Sierra Leone: Ending Ebola Before Rainy Season Imperative | May 4, 2015
In his first week as the Secretary-General's Acting Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), Peter Jan Graaff affirmed... Read More

Liberia: Fraud Suspected in Ebola Rice Distribution in Nimba | May 4, 2015
Complaints of alleged fraudulent activity over the distribution of food ration intended for residents of various Ebola affected communities in Nimba County is have surfaced with reports that several ... Read More

April 27 - May 3, 2015

U.S. CDC Cautions Against Unprotected Sex with Ebola Survivors | May 1, 2015
U.S. health officials are now recommending people avoid contact with the semen of Ebola survivors after a woman in Liberia contracted Ebola through sexual intercourse with a survivor of the disease... Read More

Fighting Ebola with HIV Drugs Gets Big Shot in the Arm | May 1, 2015
A combination of three HIV drugs does a remarkably good job fighting Ebola in the laboratory, according to research presented May 1 at the Canadian Association for HIV Research... Read More

Liberia: Decommissioning Ebola Unit Not End of Partnership - Murthy | May 1, 2015
Liberia News Agency
The 19th U.S. Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, has emphasized that the decommissioning of an American-supported Ebola Unit is not the end of U.S.-Liberia partnership. Murthy said... Read More

Liberia: Medical Unit Decommissioned - USHPS Hailed for Service | May 1, 2015
Front Page Africa
The United States Department of Defense has inactivated the Monrovia Medical Unit (MMU) at Camp Eason and turned the facilities over to the Government of Liberia. According to an Executive Mansion release... Read More

Red Cross Dissolves Ebola Burial Team in Liberia | May 1, 2015
As Liberia moves closer to being declared free of the deadly Ebola virus that killed thousands, the structures used in fighting the virus are being torn apart to pave the way for a return to normal life.... Read More

WHO approves China's Ebola test | May 1, 2015
The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved an Ebola test reagent developed by a Shanghai firm, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.The real-time diagnostic kit, manufactured by Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech... Read More

FG, US, WHO Open Ebola Centres In Abuja, Jos | April 30, 2015
Daily Times Nigeria
The Federal Government, the United States and the World Health Organisation have opened Ebola Study centres in Abuja and Jos. With support from the Defence Reference Laboratory, one of the centres... Read More

Liberia: Health Team Says No Ebola Case in Cape Mount in 103 Days | April 29, 2015
Grand Cape Mount County acting Director of the Community Health Department (CHD), Massayan Jallah, says the county has not reported a single Ebola case for 103 days... Read More

Liberia: Konneh On Post Ebola Economic Toll | April 29, 2015
Following a successful World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C., Finance and Development Planning Minister Amara M. Konneh convened a town hall meeting in Philadelphia, USA ... Read More

Sierra Leone: C.O. Bans Periodic Market As Quarantined Residents Disarm Soldier | April 29, 2015
Concord Times (Freetown)
Commanding Officer (CO) of the military battalion in Kambia District, Lieutenant Colonel Briwa Conteh, has banned the weekly periodic ‘luma’ market at Barmoi town in the Kambia district after some... Read More

Sierra Leone: Ebola Workers Protest in Front of President’s Office | April 29, 2015
Star Africa
A group of workers, who claim to be employees of the charity MSF Switzerland, on Tuesday staged a noisy demonstration in front of the President’s office at the State House in Freetown. They accused officials... Read More

A Fractured, Top-Down Response in West Africa [audio slideshow] | April 29, 2015
When, in spring 2014, it became clear that the Ebola outbreak was spreading uncontrollably in West Africa, doctors and NGOs from all over the world rushed to help... Read More

UN Says It Will Try to Identify All Ebola Cases by June to Stop Virus | April 28, 2015
US News and World Report
The World Health Organization says it aims to identify and isolate all new Ebola cases in West Africa by the end of May to stop the spread of the lethal virus before the rainy season... Read More

Liberia: Major Health Facilities Reopened Nationwide - Baawo | April 28, 2015
Major public and private health facilities, including hospitals and clinics, have reopened across the country as the Ebola virus disease gradually fades away. The John F. Kennedy Medical Center... Read More

Too Many Dying in Sierra Leone As Result of Ebola Response Not Virus Itself – Report | April 28, 2015
The Guardian (UK)
Too many people are dying in Sierra Leone not from Ebola but as a result of the response to it, according to a report on the collapse of healthcare in the west African country... Read More

EHealth Africa Launches ‘Trace & Go’ | April 28, 2015
New Dawn (Liberia)
he fight against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease has been an uphill battle for the Government and people of Liberia, including international partners, with no new cases reported since the death of the last... Read More

iLab, a Tech Refuge in Liberia's Capital, Finds Solutions to Ebola Crisis | April 28, 2015
In Monrovia, Liberia’s capital, an entrepreneurial group of technologists are finding ways to blend tech with development. Kpetermeni Siakor, 26, a MasterCard Foundation scholar, is one of those... Read More

Liberia: IMS to Employ Ebola Strategies to Build Health System - Nyenswah | April 27, 2015
The Government of Liberia will replicate strategies and measures used in containing the Ebola virus to strengthen the health system in the post-Ebola era, Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah has assured... Read More

UN Chief Names New Head of Ebola Mission | April 27, 2015
New Dawn (Liberia)
The U.N. Secretary General, on Saturday, appointed a new head of the emergency mission responding to West Africa's Ebola crisis, expressing the hope that the world's deadliest outbreak of the virus... Read More

Kenya Airways to Resume West Africa Flights After Ebola Outbreak | April 27, 2015
The Star (Nairobi)
Kenya Airways is likely to resume its flight operations in Liberia and Sierra Leone in two weeks. Health CS James Macharia said the decision was made after establishing that the two countries... Read More

U.S. Government Releases Ninth Annual Malaria Report | April 27, 2015
New Dawn (Liberia)
The U.S Government says World Malaria Day is observed each year by the global community to call attention to the disease, as well as to mobilize action to combat it. The U.S. Embassy release issued ... Read More

April 20 - April 26, 2015

Ebola Eclipsed Malarial Deaths in Liberia, No 2014 Casualties | April 26, 2015
April 25 of each year is commemorated as World Malaria Day, in Liberia students, teachers, health officials and Government officially paraded the streets in white T-shirt with inscription "Take cover... Read More

UN Resumes Vaccination Drive for Three Million Children in West Africa | April 24, 2015
UN News Centre
For the first time since the start of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, thousands of health workers are fanning out across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in nationwide immunization campaigns... Read More

Ebola Outbreak May Have Led to Almost 11,000 More Malaria Deaths: Study | April 24, 2015
U.S. News and World Report
Nearly 11,000 extra deaths due to malaria may have occurred in 2014 because of disruptions in health care services caused by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, a new study suggests... Read More

Number of New Ebola Cases Holding Steady, WHO Says | April 23, 2015
Al Jazeera English
More than 26,000 people have been infected with Ebola since the outbreak began and more than 10,800 have died, the World Health Organization said Wednesday... Read More

HHS Says it Will Shield Maker of Ebola Therapy ZMapp from Legal Liability | April 23, 2015
The US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) says it will shield the manufacturer of the investigational Ebola virus treatment ZMapp from legal liability under a federal law intended to incentivize... Read More

Liberia's Ivorian Refugees Finally Going Home as Ebola Ends | April 23, 2015
Daily Mail (UK)
Deep in Liberia's forested hinterland, thousands of refugees who fled conflict in Ivory Coast have been waiting in limbo, impatient to rebuild their shattered lives back home but unable to leave... Read More

Nigeria: Lagos Hotels Lose N8 Billion Over Ebola Outbreak | April 23, 2015
The Guardian (Nigeria)
Several months after Nigeria curtailed the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak, the hospitality industry is still counting its loses - now put at over N8 billion [US $40mil]. State Commissioner... Read More

AUC Chair Commends AfDB, WBG for Ebola Support | April 22, 2015
The Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini -Zuma, has commended the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the World Bank Group (WBG) for their latest financial support... Read More

Tekmira Ebola Drug Succeeds in Small Monkey Study | April 22, 2015
An experimental Ebola drug from Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp cured all three monkeys intentionally infected with the virus, scientists reported on Wednesday, the first such success against the strain of Ebola... Read More

WHO: Stall in Ebola Decline Highlights Need for Stronger Response | April 22, 2015
Further progress against Ebola in Guinea and Sierra Leone is proving stubborn, with a drop in cases holding steady over the past 3 weeks, and response indicators showing a mixed picture for both countries... Read More

Eleven Handed Life Sentences Over Guinea Ebola Worker Murders | April 22, 2015
A court in Guinea has sentenced 11 people to life in prison for murdering a team educating locals about the risks of Ebola in a remote part of the West African country last year, a state prosecutor said on Wednesday... Read More

Ghana: Vodafone Health Launches Health Worker-to-Health Worker Call Service | April 22, 2015
Citi FM
Keeping vigilant against Ebola, Ghana Health Services (GHS), Vodafone Ghana Foundation and Vantage Medical Solutions (VMS) with support from World Health Organization (WHO) officially launched ... Read More

Olivia Wilde-Produced Ebola Documentary Debuts At Tribeca Film Festival | April 22, 2015
Body Team 12, a moving short documentary directed by David Darg which profiles the service of an Ebola aid worker in Liberia, debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival this week... Read More

Sierra Leone: 'Malaria, Polio Will Be Key After Ebola' | April 21, 2015
The Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation has said the ministry would take malaria and polio as top priority after defeating Ebola in the country... Read More

Scientists to Share Real-Time Genetic Data on Deadly MERS, Ebola | April 21, 2015
Genetic sequence data on two of the deadliest yet most poorly understood viruses are to be made available to researchers worldwide in real time as scientists seek to speed up understanding of Ebola and MERS infections... Read More

Sierra Rutile’s $77m Investment Aims to Cast Off Ebola’s Pall | April 21, 2015
Financial Times
Sierra Rutile, the UK-listed mining company, is to make one of the largest investments in Sierra Leone since Ebola cast a pall over a swath of western Africa last year... Read More

Liberia's Helene Cooper Shares Pulitzer Prize | April 21, 2015
Liberian Observer
Liberian-born journalist working for the New York Times, Helene Cooper, joined the newspaper's staff yesterday as proud winners of the coveted Pulitzer Prize for “courageous front-line reporting and vivid human stories... Read More

Ebola Lying in Wait | April 20, 2015
New York Times
A growing body of scientific clues — some ambiguous, others substantive — suggests that the Ebola virus may have lurked in the West African rain forest for years, perhaps decades... Read More

WHO Admits Failings in Dealing with the Ebola Crisis | April 20, 2015
Al Jazeera America
The World Health Organization has admitted serious failings in its handling of the Ebola crisis and pledged reforms to enable it to do better next time, its leadership said in a statement posted on the WHO website... Read More

April 13 - April 19, 2015

Signs Ebola Spreads in Sex Prompt a C.D.C. Warning | April 19, 2015
New York Times
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its guidelines on Ebola transmission on Sunday night, urging survivors to abstain from all forms of sex or use condoms every time “until more information becomes available,” ... Read More

How Much Did Ebola Cost The Economies Of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone? | April 19. 2015
AFK Insider
The Ebola epidemic that swept through West Africa this year sucked $2.2 billion from the economies of the three countries hit hardest by the disease, the World Bank said Friday... Read More

Rebuilding After Ebola Will Require the World’s Help | April 17, 2015
Washington Post (editorial)
The ravaging of populations in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea by the Ebola virus over the past year has been devastating. The virus killed 10,702 people and left behind vast economic and emotional tolls... Read More

$1 Billion So Far for a Recovery Plan for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone | April 17, 2015
World Bank
With the Ebola outbreak waning but not yet over, the three most affected countries must now find ways to rebuild their economies and strengthen their health systems to try to prevent another health crisis in the future... Read More

Last Mile of Ebola Struggle 'May Be Most Difficult,' Ban Says in Washington | April 17, 2015
UN Ebola Response
While there has been important progress over recent months, the Ebola epidemic remains a pressing challenge, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, stressing that on the road to eradicating... Read More

$300 Million Top-Up from AfDB to Support Countries’ Post-Ebola Recovery Programs | April 17, 2015
African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka announced $300 million to support the national Post-Ebola Recovery program of Ebola-affected countries during the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings in Washington... Read More

'Exhausted' Liberia Struggles With Long Ebola 'To Do' List | April 17, 2015
Treating trauma and the mental health issues of Ebola survivors is one of the many challenges facing "exhausted" Liberia, a senior health ministry official said. Liberia has weathered the worst ever outbreak of Ebola... Read More

Africa: Corporate Council for Africa Encourages American Businesses to Invest in Mano River Union | April 16, 2015
The Corporate Council on Africa Thursday 16th April held a luncheon in honor of the Presidents of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC. The purpose of the luncheon was to assess... Read More

Ebola On the Wane, Sierra Leone Braces For a Whole New Crisis | April 16, 2015
Washington Post
Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma was ready to talk about something besides Ebola. His West African nation is not yet Ebola-free. It is still fighting to rid itself of the feared pathogen... Read More

West Africa Seeks $5-6 Billion Aid, Debts Canceled: Sierra Leone's Koroma | April 16, 2015
he Ebola-stricken nations of West Africa are asking international donors to cancel their debts and give them $5-6 billion over two years to rebuild their economies, devastated by the deadly disease... Read More
As Ebola Retreats, Obama Urges Vigilance and Preparation in West Africa | April 15, 2015
New York Times
Now that the Ebola crisis in West Africa finally appears to be petering out, President Obama on Wednesday called for renewed international efforts to rebuild the shattered health systems in... Read More

Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Presidents Call for Post-Ebola Recovery Plan | April 15, 2015
AllAfrica: Guest Column
Presidents Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Alpha Conde of Guinea and Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone appeal for international support in five key areas for a common economic recovery initiative - a 'Marshall Plan' - for the Mano River region of West Africa after the devastating Ebola outbreaks of the past year... Read More ...version français

Severe Ebola Drop in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone | April 15, 2015
The New Dawn (Liberia)
The United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) has reported a decline in the number of confirmed Ebola cases in the three most affected Ebola hit countries... Read More

MRK, NLNK Strive For Ebola Shot | April 14, 2015
...Merck and NewLink Genetics Corp. have initiated the third, late-stage clinical trial of their Ebola vaccine candidate rVSV-ZEBOV-GP (V920) in Sierra Leone.The vaccine candidate was originally developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory... Read More

Schools Reopen in Sierra Leone as Ebola Threat Recedes | April 14, 2015
BBC News
Schools have reopened across Sierra Leone nine months after they were closed because of the Ebola outbreak. The government hopes that the studying time lost by the country's 1.8 million children can still be made up... Read More

Sierra Leone: Ebola [Vaccine] Trial Begins | April 14, 2015
New York Times
Researchers began vaccinating volunteers in Sierra Leone with an experimental Ebola vaccine in a study officially begun on Monday. The trial, the third to begin in the West African countries hardest hit... Read More

Liberia: Ebola Fund Audit Report Expected in Senate Today | April 14, 2015
The Observer (Monrovia)
The General Auditing Commission (GAC) is expected to present the final audit report on the Ebola Trust Fund to the Liberian Senate today.  Prior to its Easter break, the plenary of the Senate requested... Read More

Liberia: Rebuilding Ebola-Hit Economy - Focus of World Bank Spring Event | April 13, 2015
Ahead of this week's spring meetings in Washington, DC World Bank Group President Dr. Jim Yong Kim says the bank would be announcing a major new effort to rebuild the economies of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone... Read More

Liberia: ETU Workers Protest Over Benefits | April 13, 2015
Workers of almost all of Liberia's Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) have staged a major protest in Monrovia, demanding benefits owed them by the Government of Liberia. The workers, predominantly healthcare practitioners... Read More

April 6 - April 12, 2015

Pattern of Safety Lapses Where Group Worked to Battle Ebola Outbreak | April 12, 2015
New York Times
Partners in Health, a Boston-based charity dedicated to improving health care for people in poor countries, signed on to the Ebola fight last fall with high ambitions... Read More

Empty Ebola Clinics in Liberia Are Seen as Misstep in U.S. Relief Effort | April 11, 2015
New York Times
As bodies littered the streets and the sick lay dying in front of overwhelmed clinics last year, President Obama ordered the largest  American intervention ever in a global health crisis... Read More

Risk of Ebola Spreading to Other Countries Appears to Be Falling: WHO | April 10, 2015
West Africa's Ebola epidemic still poses a threat to other countries but the risk of it spreading internationally appears to be diminishing as the areas affected shrink, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday... Read More

Tekmira Approved to Continue Ebola Treatment Clinical Trials | April 10, 2015
Wall Street Journal
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp. said Friday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared it to continue clinical trials of its Ebola treatment. Shares were halted premarket.... Read More

Liberia Watchdog Says Some Ebola Funds Unaccounted For | April 9, 2015
A report by Liberia’s anti-corruption watchdog found some $800,000 spent in the fight against Ebola at the height of the outbreak of the disease last year was not properly accounted for, most of it passing through the defense ministry... Read More

Traditional Healers Union Calls for More Cooperation to End Ebola | April 9, 2015
Africa Young Voices
The President for the Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union, Alhaji Dr. Sulaiman Kabba has called on traditional healers and herbalists to continue to adhere to the government restriction... Read More

Squabbles Over Testing Methods Hamper Search for Ebola Vaccine | April 9, 2015
Wall Street Journal
The Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa created a rare opportunity: New vaccines could be tested, and if they worked, serve as a firewall in future epidemics. It now appears this chance is slipping away... Read More

Sierra Leone: Kono & Tonkolili Go 42 Days Without New Infection | April 9, 2015
Concord Times (Freetown)
Chief Executive Officer of the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) has informed newsmen in Freetown that Kono and Tonkolili districts have clocked 42 days without registering new Ebola positive cases... Read More

U.S. Ebola Patient Fully Recovered, Leaves Hospital | April 9, 2015
NBC News
An American infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone has fully recovered and left a special treatment unit at the National Institutes of Health, the NIH said Thursday... Read More

Ghana: President Mahama Calls for Debt Cancellation for Ebola Countries | April 9, 2015
Ghana (official government press release)
President John Dramani Mahama today repeated his call on the international development partners to write off the debts of the three most Ebola affected countries in West Africa... Read More

Health Minister-designate Vows to Absorb Health Workers on Gvt. Payroll | April 9, 2015
Liberian Observer
The Minister of Health-designate, Dr. Bernice Dahn, has hit the ground running to make peace with health workers by vowing to do all in her capacity, if confirmed by the Senate, to absorb health workers... Read More

30 New Ebola Cases, Lowest Weekly Figure in Nearly a Year: WHO | April 8, 2015
Thirty confirmed cases of Ebola were reported in West Africa in the past week, the smallest number in nearly a year of the worst ever outbreak of the deadly fever, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday... Read More

2 New Ebola Vaccines Pass Important Early Test, Researchers Say | April 8, 2015
New York Times
Two new Ebola vaccines have passed an important test, protecting monkeys against the strain of the virus responsible for the current deadly outbreak, researchers reported on Wednesday.... Read More

Liberia Names New Health Minister As It Seeks to Beat Ebola | April 8, 2015
Reuters (UK)
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has named new ministers for health and education as her government seeks to bring an end to the Ebola outbreak in the West African country and focus on reconstruction... Read More

MOH Post-Ebola Gets US$25,000 Medical Supplies | April 8, 2015
Liberian Observer
As Liberia’s countdown against the Ebola virus disease (EVD) continues, the Ministry of Health (MOH) yesterday received a US$25K boost of medical supplies to enhance its post-Ebola functions... Read More

Liberia: Land Owners Block Road to Ebola Burial Site | April 8, 2015
Several aggrieved citizensof Giah Town, Disco Hill, Margibi County on Tuesday, April 7 blocked the only road leading to a place where Ebola bodies are buried... Read More

Inovio Pharma (INO) Selected by DARPA for Ebola Initiative | April 8, 2015
Inovio Pharma announced that the company has been selected to receive a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to lead a collaborative team to develop multiple treatment... Read More

Yes, We Were Warned About Ebola (Op-Ed) | April 7, 2015
New York Times
The conventional wisdom among public health authorities is that the Ebola virus, which killed at least 10,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, was a new phenomenon, not seen in West Africa before 2013... Read More

Sierra Leone Says Kailahun Ebola Case Report Was Mistaken | April 7, 2015
Sierra Leone said on Tuesday that it had mistakenly reported an Ebola positive case in Kailahun, a former hotspot for the virus which has not seen a case for nearly four months. A nine-month-old baby... Read More

Ebola Vaccine 2015: Guinea Seen As Best Hope For Preventative Drug Trials, But Time Is Running Out | April 7, 2015
International Business Times
Health officials’ best bet for discovering a vaccine for Ebola lies with the West African country of Guinea, where the outbreak that has killed an estimated 10,500 over the past year began... Read More

U.S. Ebola Patient's Condition Improves to Good: NIH | April 7, 2015
A U.S. patient in treatment for the Ebola virus at a National Institutes of Health facility in Maryland has improved to good condition from fair, the NIH said on Tuesday... Read More

Liberia: MSF Opens New Children's Hospital | April 6, 2015
The international aid agency, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has opened a new pediatric hospital in Monrovia. The opening was done last Monday, March 23... Read More

March 30 - April 5, 2015

Vicky Hausman: Why the Private Sector Matters for the Ebola Crisis (Podcast) | April 3, 2015
...Vicky Hausman, partner and leader of the Global Health pravicky-hausmanctice at the development consulting group Dalberg She speaks with Tom Murphy about some of the lessons learned... Read More

UN Cuts Peacekeepers in Liberia After Ebola Crisis | April 2, 2015
AFP/Yahoo News
he United Nations decided Thursday to cut some 700 troops from its mission in Liberia as the country makes strides in its recovery from the Ebola outbreak... Read More

Reports Shed Light on Ebola Challenges For Hospitals | April 2, 2015
As the Ebola virus ravaged three West African countries last year, US hospitals faced unexpected challenges adapting to the risks, even the ones that had done preparedness drills, and the threat... Read More

Some Quarantined Troops Denied Separation Pay | April 2, 2015
Military Times
Some troops waiting in stateside quarantine after their Ebola relief work in West Africa are being denied separation pay despite the continued time away from their families, thanks to a quirk in military pay rules... Read More

Ebola Proves Persistent in Guinea, Where Crisis Started | April 2, 2015
Wall Street Journal
[Analysis] More than a year after Ebola began spreading in West Africa, public-health authorities are struggling most to stop it in the country where it began... Read More

Sierra Leone to Start Laying Off Ebola Workers As Cases Fall: President | April 1, 2015
Sierra Leone's President Ernest Bai Koroma said on Wednesday authorities would soon start laying off staff recruited to fight Ebola as the numbers of cases decline, but these workers would be employed elsewhere... Read More

Liberia to Get U.S.$101 Million | April 1, 2015
The News (Monrovia)
The amount of US$101 million has been announced for the benefit of Liberia until December 1, 2017, the Liberia Coordinating Mechanism (LCM) Secretariat of the Global Fund to fight HIV, TB and Malaria has disclosed... Read More

Merck, NewLink Ebola Vaccine Appears Safe, Effective in New Studies | April 1, 2015
Early-stage trials of an experimental Ebola vaccine, two in the United States and four in Africa and Europe, have found that it appears to be safe and triggered robust production of Ebola-fighting antibodies... Read More

Ebola Crisis In Sierra Leone Nears End, Just 10 Cases Reported During Weekend Shutdown | April 1, 2015
International Business Times
Sierra Leone health officials expressed optimism that the country’s devastating Ebola crisis is nearing its end after just 10 new cases of the viral disease were found during a three-day nationwide shutdown... Read More

Disease Models Need Room for Randomness, Paper Urges | April 1, 2015
Models used to manage disease outbreaks such as the ongoing Ebola epidemic must make greater allowances for uncertainty, according to a paper published today by the Royal Society in the United Kingdom... Read More

Five U.S. Health Workers Released After Ebola Monitoring in Nebraska | April 1, 2015
Five U.S. healthcare workers who underwent monitoring at a Nebraska medical center after possible exposure to the Ebola virus in West Africa have completed their quarantine periods... Read More

Liberia-US Team Plans Study of Ebola Survivors | April 1, 2015
Business Standard
The Partnership for Research on Ebola Vaccines in Liberia (PREVAIL), a Liberia-US research team, plans to launch a natural history study of Ebola survivors for better understanding of the after-effects of the Ebola virus disease... Read More

Ebola Scare Shows Problems in Computer Models | March 31, 2015
AFP/Yahoo News
laws in computer modelling led to apocalyptic forecasts of how the deadly Ebola virus would spread in West Africa, specialists said. Many of the models were off-the-shelf software that... Read More

Guinea Finds 3 Ebola Cases In the Alumina Hub of Fria | March 31, 2015
Guinea has detected at least three new cases of Ebola in the alumina hub of Fria, according to the national coordination of the fight against the disease, as authorities blamed popular resistance... Read More

BioCryst to Receive up to $35M to Develop Ebola Treatment | March 31, 2015
Raleigh News & Observer
Federal health authorities said Tuesday they have committed up to $35 million to a Durham drug developer for the continued development of a drug to treat Ebola and related viral infections... Read More

Sierra Leone Ebola Lockdown Exposes Hundreds of Suspected Cases | March 30, 2015
A three-day lockdown in Sierra Leone has exposed hundreds of potential new cases of Ebola, aiding efforts to bring to an end an epidemic that has already killed 3,000 people... Read More

Liberia: Lone Ebola Patient Dies | March 30, 2015
The Government of Liberia has disclosed that the lone confirmed Ebola case patient died last Friday.The government says the patient blood was analyzed and confirmed on Friday following a reported fever (38.1C)... Read More

Ebola Patient at NIH Improves | March 30, 2015
Washington Post
The condition of a patient infected with the Ebola virus who is being treated in the United States has improved, medical officials announced Monday... Read More

Guinea: Border Closed Over Ebola Fears | March 30, 2015
New York Times
Guinea closed its border with Sierra Leone on Monday as part of new efforts to stamp out Ebola, an official said. The long-running Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 10,300 people... Read More
Sierra Leone's Missing Ebola Millions | March 30, 2015
More than half of US$18 million of treasury and public donation funds supposedly spent on fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone, where the disease has claimed 3,764 lives, lacks complete paperwork and... Read More

March 23 - 29, 2015

Liberia Urges Sexual Caution to Beat Ebola Outbreak | March 29, 2015
Liberia called upon Ebola survivors on Sunday to extend a period of sexual abstinence or protected sex beyond an already advised three months following their recovery, amid fears the country's latest case... Read More

Liberia: MSF Releases Critical Analysis of Global Ebola Response | March 28, 2015
The international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) today releases a critical analysis of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa over the past year, revealing the shortcomings of the global response to the crisis... Read More

Police Fire Tear Gas on Crowd During Sierra Leone Ebola Lockdown | March 28, 2015
Police fired tear gas at an angry crowd fighting over food supplies in Sierra Leone on Saturday, while other residents defied a three-day national lockdown that the government hopes... Read More

Guinea Declares 45-day Ebola Health Emergency | March 28, 2015
Guinea's President Alpha Conde has announced new emergency measures enabling authorities to restrict movements in western Guinea where Ebola transmission continues a year after the epidemic was declared... Read More

Aid Workers Racing to Defeat Ebola Before the Rains Come | March 28, 2015
USA Today
Aid workers are rushing into neighboring Guinea to try to stanch a worrisome rise in cases of the deadly Ebola virus, which has been slowed in Sierra Leone and been all but eradicated here... Read More

Liberia: Ebola Vaccines Phase Two Study Targets 1,500 Volunteers | March 27, 2015
A total of 1,500 persons will be enrolled in Phase 2 of the Partnership for Research on Ebola Vaccines in Liberia (PREVAIL) study, according to the Liberian-US joint clinical research team... Read More

Ebola Outbreak: Sierra Leone in Lockdown | March 27, 2015
BBC News
The authorities in Sierra Leone are enforcing a three-day lockdown to curb the spread of Ebola, with the entire population ordered to stay at home. There is a two-hour exemption on Friday to allow... Read More

Ebola Antibodies in Zambia Bats Match West African Virus Species | March 27, 2015
Ebola antibodies found in bats in Zambia seem to show that the species of the disease they have been exposed to match outbreaks as far as 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) away... Read More

Two Experimental Ebola Vaccines Pass Safety Test in African Trial | March 26, 2015
Two experimental Ebola vaccines, one from GlaxoSmithKline PLC and the other from biotech start-up NewLink Genetics Corp, "appear to be safe" part way through a clinical trial being conducted in Liberia, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) said on Thursday... Read More

'The worst of journalism': 200 Writers and Academics Slam CBS Coverage of Africa | March 26, 2015
The Guardian
An open letter accuses American broadcaster of rendering Africans ‘voiceless and all but invisible’ in its portrayal of the continent... Read More

Ebola Virus Not Mutating as Quickly as Feared | March 26, 2015
Scientific American
...So far there is no indication that this strain is inherently more virulent or more transmissible than when Ebola appeared in other areas of Africa in the past... Read More

New Pandemic Insurance to Prevent Crises Through Early Payouts | March 26, 2015
In the wake of the Ebola crisis, a quiet revolution is taking place that is set to transform the way governments and aid agencies respond to major disease outbreaks... Read More

ELWA -3 Ebola Virus Disease Management Centre Closed | March 26, 2015
Front Page Africa
Due to the decreased number of Ebola cases in Liberia, the international medical organization Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has closed its ELWA 3 Ebola Management Center in Monrovia... Read More

An American With Ebola Is Improving | March 26, 2015
New York Times
An American aid worker being treated for Ebola at the National Institutes of Health clinical center in Maryland is doing better and has been upgraded from critical to serious condition, the N.I.H. announced Thursday... Read More

Ebola Cases Drop as Progress Shown in Guinea, Sierra Leone | March 25, 2015
Ebola-hit nations in West Africa showed more signs of progress last week, boasting a sharp drop in Guinea's cases and the lowest weekly total of the year so far, the World Health Organization... Read More

Ebola Is Most Deadly Among Babies, Young Children, Study Finds | March 25, 2015
The Ebola virus causing a devastating epidemic in West Africa is far more deadly in children than in adults, killing around 90 percent of babies under one who become infected, researchers said on Wednesday... Read More

New Funding to Increase Capacity for Ebola Outbreak Research | March 25, 2015
A new call for proposals to increase research capacity is now available from EDCTP, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), and the UK Medical Research Council (MRC).... Read More

First Tests As Ring Vaccination Starts in Guinea | March 25, 2015
International Business Times (UK)
The Guinean Government has on Wednesday (25 March) initiated the very first efficacy trial of an Ebola vaccine this week in Basse-Guinée, one of the country's virus hotspots. Along with the World... Read More

Liberia: GAC Asks Senate to Extend Reporting Period | March 25, 2015
The General Auditing Commission (GAC) has requested the Liberian Senate to extend to March 30, 2015 the deadline for submission of its final audit report on the Ebola Trust Fund in the amount of US$4.7 million... Read More

Sierra Leone Gets $102 Million in Extra IMF Financing, Debt Relief | March 24, 2015
IMF Press Release
The IMF Executive Board approved a loan and grant package for Sierra Leone that includes $102 million in extra financing to help the West African country counter a slump in economic activity... Read More

Liberia: Following Discovery of New Ebola Case - 80 Contacts Under Observation | March 24, 2015
The Inquirer (Monrovia)
About eighty persons are said to be under observation by the Ministry of Health and other partners following the recent discovery of a new Ebola case in the country.After nearly twenty-eight days... Read More

Exposure Concerns Grow in Liberia After Diagnosis of First Ebola Case in Weeks | March 24, 2015
New York Times
Worries have widened in recent days over the number of people in Liberia who may have been exposed to the country’s first Ebola case in more than two weeks, a street vendor who lived in a one-bathroom house shared with 52 others... Read More

FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization For Xpert Ebola Diagnostic Test | March 24, 2015
Cepheid on Tuesday said it has received Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for Xpert Ebola, a molecular diagnostic test for Ebola Zaire Virus that delivers results in less than two hours... Read More

Liberia Cautiously Optimistic Despite New Ebola Infection | March 23, 2015
Wellcome Trust
Liberia was on a countdown to be declared Ebola-free. On the eve of marking a year since its first case, the country suffered a setback when a woman tested positive. Despite the new case, many people remain hopeful... Read More

As Ebola Fades in West Africa, Residents Face a New Crisis: Life After Ebola | March 23, 2015
Washington Post
As the disease has faded in West Africa, survivors now wonder how they will survive a new crisis: a lack of work... Read More

Guinea Trial Begins for Suspected Killers of Ebola Workers | March 23, 2015
ABC News
The trial of people accused of killing eight Ebola health workers and journalists opened Monday in a remote region of Guinea. The trial highlights the challenges health workers faced... Read More

Ebola Outbreak 'Over By August', UN Suggests | March 23, 2015
BBC News
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa will be over by August, the head of the UN Ebola mission has told the BBC. Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed admitted the UN had made mistakes in handling the crisis... Read More

Hemispherx Biopharma to Present Ampligen Ebola Data at Symposium on Filoviruses | March 23, 2015
Street Insider
Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. (NYSE: HEB) will present integrated findings of new studies of Ampligen® (rintatolimod), an experimental therapeutic, performed in various models of Ebola virus infection... Read More

March 16 - 22, 2015

Ebola Contained, Senegal Health Minister Eyes UN Health Post | March 22, 2015
Bloomberg News
Senegalese Health Minister Awa Marie Coll Seck is considering running for the World Health Organization’s top post after the nation limited Ebola to a single patient... Read More

Liberia Reports First Ebola Case in Weeks | March 20, 2015
New York Times
A patient in Liberia has tested positive for the Ebola virus, health officials said Friday, more than two weeks after the last known case in the country had been discharged from the hospital... Read More

World Health Organisation 'Intentionally Delayed Declaring Ebola Emergency' | March 20, 2015
The Guardian
The World Health Organisation dragged its feet for two months over declaring the Ebola outbreak a global emergency for fear of damaging the economy of Guinea and other afflicted countries, leaked documents show... Read More

Sierra Leoneans Halt Genital Mutilation Amid Ebola Fears: UK Minister | March 20, 2015
Thomson Reuters Foundation
The Ebola epidemic that has ravaged West Africa appears to have brought the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) to a near halt in Sierra Leone, a British minister said on Friday... Read More

WHO Urges Mass Vaccination Against Measles, Other Diseases in Ebola Areas | March 20, 2015
The World Health Organization warned on Friday of a risk of outbreaks of measles, whooping cough and other diseases in West African countries hit by Ebola and urged a rapid intensification... Read More

Guinea Reports Highest Weekly Ebola Case Total So Far This Year, New UN Data Shows | March 19, 2015
United Nations
The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has reported the highest weekly number of Ebola cases in Guinea so far this year and noted that while transmission was confined... Read More

Liberia: Ebola Death Benefits Payment Begins Today | March 19, 2015
The Government of Liberia says modalities have been completed for the disbursement of death benefit payment to beneficiaries of Liberian medical personnel who lost their lives... Read More

'Ebola-Proof' Tablet Device Developed | March 19, 2015
BBC News
A tablet device that can withstand being doused in chlorine has been developed to help medics caring for patients with Ebola. Designed by technology volunteers and Google, it can be used... Read More

Two More U.S. Healthcare Workers Repatriated for Ebola Monitoring | March 19, 2015
The last two members of a group of U.S. healthcare workers whose colleague is being treated for the Ebola virus returned on Wednesday from Sierra Leone to the United States... Read More

Liberia: Senator Says Audit of Ebola Funds Underway | March 19, 2015
The General Auditing Commission (GAC) is conducting an audit of all funds received by government to combat the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), Senate Health Committee Chairman, Dr. Peter Coleman, has disclosed... Read More

3 Ways Mobile Helped Stop the Spread of Ebola in Nigeria | March 19, 2015
Brookings Institution (blog)
During the height of the Ebola crisis in September 2014 there were 21 confirmed cases of the virus and 8 deaths in Nigeria. The African nation has the continent’s largest population, a high poverty rate... Read More

Sierra Leone Plans Another Three-Day, Countrywide Shutdown to Stop Ebola's Spread | March 18, 2015
U.S. News and World Report/AP
Sierra Leone is planning another three-day, countrywide shutdown March 27 through 29 to ferret out Ebola cases, remind people how to protect themselves... Read More

FDA Panel to Discuss Ebola Vaccine Development in May | March 18, 2015
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said an advisory panel will discuss the development of Ebola vaccines, days after an American health worker was flown back after being tested positive for Ebola in Sierra Leone.. Read More

One out of Every Five Ebola Cases Hits a Child | March 17, 2015
Ebola has had a devastating impact on children... To protect them and their communities, it is critical to defeat this scourge, while working to restore basic services, UNICEF said in a report released today... Read More

Guinea Ebola Cases Rise, Three Doctors Infected | March 17, 2015
Guinea has suffered a setback in its fight against Ebola with a rash of new cases, including three doctors infected by the virus, with officials blaming weak surveillance and a failure to follow safety procedures... Read More

Liberia: Ebola Conference On Community Leaders Begins Thursday | March 17, 2015
The Inquirer (Monrovia)
The first national Ebola conference focusing on the perspectives of community leaders will take place in Monrovia March 19-20, 2015 at the Bella Casa Conference Hall... Read More

Care Differs for American and African With Ebola | March 16, 2015
New York Times
The latest American aid worker to contract Ebola overseas, last week in Sierra Leone, was swiftly evacuated to a specialized treatment center for infected health workers run by the British Defense Ministry... Read More

Emergent BioSolutions Produces New Ebola Vaccine, Teaming with NIH, GlaxoSmithKline | March 16, 2015
Baltimore Sun
At its growing East Baltimore facility, Emergent BioSolutions has produced a booster shot to go with a leading Ebola vaccine candidate, joining a competitive race to make a safe... Read More

Preparing for Ebola, but Stopping Lassa Fever | March 16, 2015
New York Times
Last fall, with the Ebola epidemic raging, the small nation of Benin, a few countries away from the outbreak zone, experienced a cluster of unexplained deaths... Read More

March 9 - 15, 2015

Americans Evacuated From Sierra Leone After Possible Ebola Contact | March 14, 2015
New York Times
The first of a group of 10 American aid workers who may have come into contact with the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone were evacuated on Saturday, American government and aid officials said... Read More

Liberia to Offer Financial Aid to Companies Affected by Ebola Crisis | March 13, 2015
Wall Street Journal
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says her government will provide financial help to companies that were affected by the Ebola crisis as part of efforts to restart the country’s stalled economy... Read More

Death Toll from West Africa's Ebola Outbreak Passes 10,000: WHO | March 12, 2015
The death toll from West Africa's Ebola outbreak has passed 10,000, according to the latest tally released by the World Health Organization on Thursday... Read More

Ebola Crisis Could Fuel Measles Outbreak in West Africa | March 12, 2015
Scientific American additional 100,000 children may have been left vulnerable to measles, according to new projections. If those inoculation gaps are not addressed, measles could deliver a death toll... Read More

British Patient Has Been Evacuated from Sierra Leone | March 12, 2015
BBC News
A British military healthcare worker who tested positive for Ebola is being flown to the UK for treatment. Two of her colleagues are also being flown back as a precaution in case the infection... Read More

Study Indicates Ebola-Infected Sewage May Require Longer Holding Period | March 12, 2015
Infection Control Today
Storing Ebola-infected sewage for a week at 86 degrees Fahrenheit or higher should allow enough time for more than 99.99 percent of the virus to die, though lower ambient temperatures may require a longer holding period... Read More

TKM-Ebola-Guinea Enters Phase II Clinical Study in Sierra Leone | March 11, 2015
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation announced today that TKM-Ebola-Guinea will be evaluated for efficacy in Ebola virus infected patients in Sierra Leone, West Africa... Read More

Waning Interest is Biggest Risk in Race to Overcome Ebola: WHO | March 11, 2015
Waning interest in Ebola could jeopardize efforts to stamp out the world's worst recorded outbreak of the disease, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday... Read More

Corgenix Takes Fio as Partner to Improve Ebola Detection and Tracking | March 11, 2015
The Denver Post
Broomfield-based Corgenix Medical Corp. and Canadian diagnostic firm Fio Corp. are partnering to combine two of their technologies in a mobile Ebola virus test that could help public health officials better track the spread of the disease... Read More

Bavarian Nordic Gets First Profit from Sales to U.S. Vaccine Stockpile | March 11, 2015
Danish biotech company Bavarian Nordic said smallpox vaccine sales to the United States for its stockpile programme has led to its first full-year profit in five years, and added that it expects its Ebola vaccine to generate revenue this year... Read More

Why We’re Still Waiting on an Ebola Vaccine | March 11, 2015
AlJazeera America
Researchers are scrambling to start trials before the outbreak fades, but establishing faith in vaccines will take time.. Read More

Ebola Outbreak: Independent Panel Created by WHO to Assess Its Response | March 10, 2015
The World Health Organization (WHO), criticized as being slow and poorly coordinated in its response to West Africa's Ebola outbreak, has commissioned an independent expert panel to asses its handling of the deadly epidemic... Read More

Guinea Calls Oct. 11 Presidential Vote, Opposition Protests | March 10, 2015
Guinea will hold the first round of a presidential election on Oct. 11, the West African nation's electoral commission said on Tuesday, a decision opposition parties called unconstitutional... Read More

Ebola Crisis Could Force Sierra Leone to Diversify Away from Mining | March 10, 2015
The Guardian
As Sierra Leone looks to rebuild after the Ebola epidemic, it may be forced to diversify from a mining-heavy economic base. Falling iron ore prices and the effects of Ebola... Read More

African Tourism Acts to Shake Off Ebola Stigma | March 10, 2015
The New Vision (Uganda)
The impact of the deadly Ebola virus fell mainly on three African countries but tourism has taken a hit across the continent of more than 50 nations as fear has kept many visitors away, tourism chiefs say... Read More

With Ebola Crisis Easing, Efforts to Test New Drugs Are in Jeopardy | March 9, 2015
LA Times
After killing at least 9,936 people and infecting more than 24,202, the Ebola epidemic appears to be running out of steam. And for some medical researchers, this hard-won progress poses a problem... Read More

March 2 - 8, 2015

Liberia: Brown Calls for Regional Approach to Eradicate Ebola | March 8, 2015
Information Minister Lewis Brown has called for regional approach to eradicate Ebola from the three West African countries hit by the deadly disease... Read More

Sierra Leone Ruling Party Expels VP | March 7, 2015
Voice of America
A nine-member disciplinary committee of Sierra Leone’s ruling All People's Congress (APC) unanimously voted to expel Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana from the group after accusing him of breaching the party’s constitution... Read More

Nigeria: Ebola - FG Rolls Out U.S.$41 Million for Post-Containment, Prevention, Control | March 6, 2015
In a concerted effort to prevent the resurgence of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Nigeria, the Federal Government has evolved a 41 million dollar-plan for the post-containment preparedness, prevention and control of the disease... Read More

Liberia Releases Last Known Ebola Patient from Care | March 5, 2015
Liberia's last Ebola patient left hospital on Thursday to cheers of delight from friends and family, a year after the West African country reported its first case... Read More

UN Health Agency Announces Start of Ebola Vaccine Testing in Worst-Affected Areas of Guinea | March 5, 2015
UN News Centre
The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that it will begin conducting Ebola vaccination trials in Guinea this week, which if found effective, could be the “game-changer..."... Read More

U.S. Reaffirms Commitment to Liberia's Recovery Program - Peace Corps to Return Soon | March 5, 2015
With the significant gains being made against the deadly Ebola virus disease, the United States Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the country's post-Ebola recovery program... Read More

Guinea Bets on Mining for Post-Ebola Economic Recovery | March 4, 2015
Reuters Africa
Guinea's economy is likely to take a $2 billion hit from a regional Ebola outbreak that has killed nearly 10,000 people, and the country is relying on mining to drive growth once the virus is contained, the finance minister said... Read More

Liberia: UNMEER Providing U.s.$100,000 for Community Quick Impact Projects for Ebola Recovery | March 4, 2015
Over one hundred and thirty Community Based-Organizations (CBOs) converged at the offices of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) in Monrovia last week to learn how to apply for the mission's new small grants program... Read More

Demand for this Ebola Drug is Soaring | March 4, 2015
Ventures Africa
Shigetaka Komori, the CEO of Fujifilm Holdings, on Tuesday said about 20 countries have shown interest in Avigan, an Ebola drug developed by Fujifilm’s subsidiary, Toyama Chemical... Read More

Ebola-hit Countries Seek Help to Repair Their Economies | March 4, 2015
Reuters UK
The three West African states hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak asked for help from donors on Tuesday to repair the damage to their economies now that the epidemic seems to be waning... Read More

New Tool Can Help Identify Nations That May Be Vulnerable to Ebola or Other Public Health Emergencies | March 3, 2015
RAND Corporation
Public health experts can identify nations that are vulnerable to the occurrence and impact of future outbreaks of Ebola or other emergencies by using a screening tool that evaluates a nation’s strengths... Read More

Ebola Outbreak: Sierra Leone Gets $80m IMF Cash Boost | March 3, 2015
BBC News
Sierra Leone is to receive more than $80m (£52m) immediately to help the country end the Ebola outbreak and recover from its effects.World leaders are meeting in Brussels on Tuesday to talk... Read More

Guinea Closes Border With Liberia | March 3, 2015
​Guinea, one of the countries hardest hit by the Ebola virus, has reportedly closed its border with Liberia. President Ellin Johnson-Sirleaf recently ordered all borders re-opened due to the improvement... Read More

SN Brussels Reaffirms Commitment to Continue Flight Services to Sierra Leone | March 3, 2015
On 2nd March 2015 SN Brussels which continues to operate in Sierra Leone throughout the Ebola outbreak hosted President Ernest Bai Koroma and entourage at their headquarters in Brussels, Belgium... Read More

Guinea Says Ebola Patients Sent Home After Botched Blood Tests | March 2, 2015
Health officials botched more than 20 Ebola blood tests in January and February which led to the release of at least four positive patients, two of whom later died, Guinea's anti-Ebola coordinator... Read More

UN Warns Against Complacency as Ebola Fight Enters Tough New Phase | March 2, 2015
AP/U.S. News and World Report
The United Nations is urging donors, organizations and countries fighting Ebola in West Africa not to give in to complacency as the death toll from the virus climbs toward 10,000... Read More

Africa's Medicine Men Key to Halting Ebola Spread in Guinea | March 2, 2015
Thomson Reuters Foundation
In a land where witchcraft is sought after more than science for curing illness, medicine men in Guinea say the Ebola epidemic would be over by now if they had been properly included in the outbreak response... Read More

February 23 - March 1, 2015

Sierra Leone Vice President Places Himself in Ebola Quarantine | February 28, 2015
Sierra Leone's Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana said on Saturday that he had placed himself in a 21-day quarantine after one of his bodyguards died of Ebola amid a worrying recent surge in new infections... Read More

Liberia’s President Urges U.S. to Continue Ebola Aid | February 27, 2015
New York Times
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia on Friday urged the United States to maintain its assistance to her country as it continues to fight to recover from the Ebola outbreak... Read More

Decision on Ebola Mass Vaccination in August at Earliest: WHO | February 27, 2015
An independent advisory body will decide in August at the earliest on whether to recommend widespread introduction of an Ebola vaccine, depending on results of clinical trials and the epidemic's course... Read More

'Liberia Is Back in Business,' Pres. Sirleaf Tells U.S. Congress | February 27, 2015
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has told U.S. Congressional leaders and members that Liberia is 'back in business.'"We have only come to say thank you on behalf of the Liberian people and in my own name... Read More

Liberia: Pres. Sirleaf Urges Private Sector Role in Post-Ebola Recovery | February 27, 2015
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has called on the private sector to be repositioned to drive Liberia's post-Ebola recovery. In a meeting with Bill Scotting, Chief Executive Officer of ArcelorMittal, she indicated... Read More

NIH: Liberia-U.S. Clinical Research Partnership Opens Trial to Test Ebola Treatments | February 27, 2015
NIH Press Release
In partnership with the Liberian government, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) today launched a clinical trial to obtain safety and efficacy data on the investigational drug ZMapp... Read More

FDA Approves Corgenix's Ebola Test for Emergency Use | February 26, 2015
Diagnostics company Corgenix Medical Corp said on Thursday U.S. health regulators had approved its rapid Ebola test for emergency use, in response to the world's worst outbreak of the virus... Read More

Guinea's Conde Replaces Key Minister to Boost Ebola Fight | February 25, 2015
Guinean President Alpha Conde on Tuesday replaced the minister of territorial administration with an army general in a move the government said was necessary to strengthen the fight... Read More

Ex-Ebola Czar Ron Klain: 5 Management Lessons from the Ebola Outbreak | February 25, 2015
In mid-October 2014, when I was asked to serve as the first U.S. Ebola Response Coordinator, America was gripped by Ebola fear.... Read More

Liberia: Our Laboratories Had Challenges Before Ebola | February 25, 2015
The National Laboratory Coordinator of the National Incident Management Team, Henry Kohar has highlighted the challenges laboratories in Liberia faced prior to the Ebola outbreak... Read More

World Bank and Liberia to Work With Japan to Launch a Psychological Support Project | February 25, 2015
World Bank (Press Release)
The Liberian Government and the World Bank Group in partnership with the Government of Japan, today launched a new $3 million project to address the psychological effects of Liberia's Ebola crisis and to promote psychosocial health in the country... Read More

Fear of Ebola's Sexual Transmission Drives Abstinence, Panic | February 25, 2015
Times Live (South Africa)
Research has shown traces of Ebola in semen of some survivors for at least 82 days after the onset of symptoms and in vaginal secretions for a much shorter period... Read More

Ebola Drug Shows Signs of Efficacy Among Early Patients in Study | February 24, 2015
An experimental Ebola treatment may have helped some patients survive when used at the early stages of disease in West Africa, researchers said... Read More

Sierra Leone Hopes for Economic Bounce Post-Ebola | February 24, 2015
Sierra Leone could see growth rebound to double digits over the next 3-5 years as it emerges from the Ebola crisis and plans to tap its diaspora to raise funds for development, its foreign minister said... Read More

IMF Approves US$ 45.6 Million Disbursement Under the Rapid Credit Facility and US$ 36.5 Million in Debt Relief for Liberia | February 23, 2015
Press Release/AllAfrica
The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a disbursement of an amount equivalent to SDR 32.3 million (about US$45.6 million or 25 percent of quota) to be drawn from the Rapid Credit Facility (RCF)1 as well as SDR 25.84 million (about US36.5 million...Read More

Liberia: Curfew Lifted, Borders Opened | February 23, 2015
The New Dawn (Monrovia)
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has ordered that a nationwide curfew imposed during the height of the Ebola Virus Disease or EVD here be lifted, while all the country's main borders which were closed during the same period open on Sunday February 22, 2015... Read More

Liberia: Vaccine Trial Exceeding Estimated Target - Dr. Kennedy | February 23, 2015
In addition to the 600 people targeted in phase two of the clinical trials of two vaccines to prevent Ebola, a total of 120 persons are on the stand-by, an official of the trial team has said... Read More

Ebola: How to Prevent a Lethal Legacy for Food Security | February 23, 2015
The Guardian
The World Food Programme warns that 1.4 million people could become malnourished because of Ebola. We must act quickly to avoid catastrophe... Read More

February 16-22, 2015

Fifteen-Minute Ebola Test Approved | February 20, 2015
BBC News
The first rapid blood test for Ebola has been approved for use by the World Health Organization. It should allow patients to be identified, isolated and cared for as quickly as possible... Read More

Obama to Host Liberian President, Discuss Ebola Response | February 20, 2015
U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Washington next week to discuss government efforts on the Ebola virus that ravaged West Africa, the White House said on Friday... Read More

Brussels Airlines Launches 'Africa Is Not Ebola' Campaign | February 20, 2015
Brussels Airlines recently launched a campaign it hopes would help the continent recover from the lingering and devastating economic impact of Ebola... Read More

Trials Using Ebola Survivors' Blood for Treatment to Start in Sierra Leone | February 20, 2015
The Guardian
Clinical tests due to start in February in Sierra Leone will be used to establish whether antibodies in the plasma of Ebola survivors can save lives... Read More

Ebola Drives Increase in Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone, Experts Say | February 20, 2015
Al Jazeera America
Stigma, closed schools and lost jobs and family have left many women and girls vulnerable to violence and exploitation... Read More

NewLink Genetics Corporation Announces Clinical Development Milestone Achieved With Merck for Ebola Vaccine Candidate | February 19, 2015
NewLink Genetics Corporation today announced that it had received notification from Merck that the milestone event specified in the license and collaboration agreement between the two companies relating to the further development of the rVSV-EBOV (Ebola) vaccine candidate had been achieved... Read More

Limited Airborne Transmission of Ebola Is ‘Very Likely,’ New Study Says | February 19, 2015
Washington Post
A team of prominent researchers suggested Thursday that limited airborne transmission of the Ebola virus is " very likely," a hypothesis that could reignite the debate that started last fall after... Read More

In Sierra Leone, Quarantines Without Food Threaten Ebola Response | February 19, 2015
Al Jazeera America
In some villages, disorganization has meant that those under observation aren't receiving rations. In this fishing village across the bay from the capital, three young mothers who recently lost housemates ... Read More

UN Envoy on Ebola Likens Final Phase of Response to ‘Looking for Needles in Haystacks’ | February 18, 2015
UN News Center
The Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Ebola, Dr. David Nabarro, told the United Nations General Assembly today that the final phase of “getting to zero” the number of cases may well be the hardest... Read More

Paper Test Quickly Detects Ebola, Dengue, And Yellow Fever | February 18, 2015
Scientific American
Researchers in the US have developed a silver nanoparticle-based paper test to simultaneously detect dengue, yellow fever and Ebola... Read More

Liberia: UNICEF Provides 7,000 Infection Prevention Kits to Schools | February 18, 2015
Kits distributed to 4,000 schools, as 1 million children begin returning to their classrooms across Liberia. As schools begin reopening in Liberia today, thousands of kits containing basic hygiene items... Read More

Sierra Leone Investigates Alleged Misuse of Emergency Ebola Funds | February 17, 2015
The Guardian
Sierra Leone’s anti-corruption commission has launched an investigation into allegations of corruption following a damning report on the use of the government’s emergency Ebola funds... Read More

FAO Unveils Guinea Project for Ebola Prevention, Rural Recovery | February 17, 2015
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today announced a new $5 million initiative for rural parts of Guinea that pairs Ebola prevention messages with help for farmers whose livelihoods and food supply have been hurt by the epidemic... Read More

AfDB Board Mulls Sustained Holistic Approaches to Defeat Ebola | February 17, 2015
Executive Directors of the African Development Bank Group on Friday, February 13, 2015 in Abidjan discussed the imperative to eradicate the Ebola Virus Disease... Read More

Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia Target Zero New Ebola Cases in 60 Days | February 16, 2015
Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the three states hardest hit by an epidemic of Ebola, said on Monday they had set a target of reducing the number of new cases to zero within 60 days... Read More

February 9-15, 2015

Sierra Leone Says Ebola Aid Effort Hurt by Unaccountable Funds | February 13, 2015
Sierra Leone can’t explain how 30 percent of Ebola funds were spent, possibly slowing efforts to contain the virus, the nation’s auditor said... Read More

Red Cross Says Guinea Aid Workers Face Attacks | February 13, 2015
BBC News
Aid workers fighting Ebola in Guinea are being subjected to an average of 10 attacks every month, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says... Read More

World Bank Will Provide Seeds to Farmers in West Africa to Ward Off Hunger | February 12, 2015
UN News Center
The World Bank Group announced today that it has mobilized some $15 million in emergency financing to provide a record 10,500 tons of maize and rice seed to more than 200,000 farmers in the countries most-affected by the unprecedented Ebola outbreak, in time for the April planting season... Read More

New Ebola Cases Show Rise for Second Week in Row | February 12, 2015
BBC News
The number of new cases of Ebola has risen in all of West Africa's worst-hit countries for the second week in a row, the World Health Organization (WHO) says... Read More

Novavax Starts Ebola Vaccine Trial in Humans | February 12, 2015
Novavax Inc has begun early-stage human trials of an Ebola vaccine that it hopes can win the race to become the most effective shot for the deadly virus... Read More

Ebola Epidemic Should End in May, Say Disease Modelers | February 12, 2015
MIT Technology Review
A new mathematical model of the way the disease spreads in West Africa predicts that the Ebola epidemic should be over by the middle of the spring... Read More

NIH Ebola Study in Macaques Provides Timeframes for Post-Mortem Viral Stability | February 12, 2015
Infection Control Today
To determine how long Ebola virus could remain infectious in a body after death, National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists sampled deceased Ebola-infected monkeys and discovered the virus remained viable for at least seven days... Read More

Ebola-Hit Guinea Asks for Funds for Creaking Health Sector | February 12, 2015
Thomson Reuters Foundation
International donors wishing to help Guinea fight Ebola should use their money to strengthen the West African country's health system and help it tackle future epidemics instead of building more Ebola treatment centres, a government official said... Read More

Ebola response coordinator Ron Klain's last day at the White House | February 12, 2015
CBS News
Ron Klain, a Democratic lawyer and President Barack Obama's choice to lead the government's response to the Ebola outbreak, is leaving the White House Thursday after nearly four months on the job... Read More

Withdrawing Troops, Obama Calls for Vigilance on Ebola | February 11, 2015
The New York Times
President Obama announced on Wednesday that the United States was withdrawing almost all of its troops from the fight against Ebola in West Africa, but he said the world needed to remain vigilant as it sought to eradicate the deadly disease... Read More

[Analysis] Ebola's Toll Was Horrific. It Could Have Been Much Worse. | February 11, 2015
Foreign Policy
President Barack Obama isn’t declaring that Africa’s Ebola crisis is over. But he’s making clear that he believes that the spread of the virus, which public health workers once feared could infect hundreds of thousands, has been largely stopped in its tracks... Read More

U.S. Military to End African Ebola Role | February 11, 2015
Wall Street Journal
President Barack Obama is expected to announce plans on Wednesday to withdraw most of the American troops assigned to battle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and declare that the U.S. military effort has been successful, officials said... Read More

Sarepta Drug Protects Lab Monkeys from Ebola | February 10, 2015
An experimental Ebola drug from Sarepta Therapeutics Inc protected six of eight lab monkeys injected with the virus, scientists from the company and the U.S. Army reported on Tuesday... Read More

Sierra Leone to Prosecute Fraudulent Ebola "Ghostworkers" | February 10, 2015
Sierra Leone said on Tuesday it had cleaned up a list thought to contain thousands of "ghostworkers" on its Ebola staff and would prosecute those who sought to swindle money from the government, tackling a problem that has dogged its fight against the epidemic... Read More

Sierra Leone: As Ebola Dwindles, Sierra Leone Open for More Investments | February 10, 2015
As government is putting together a robust post Ebola recovery plan, President Ernest Bai Koroma Monday 9 February hosted the executive chairman of Squid Fishing Company Mr Ipalley Lawson at State House, Freetown... Read More

Mistrust and machetes thwart efforts to contain Ebola in Guinea | February 10, 2015
Thomson Reuters Foundation
When Red Cross pickups crawl through the streets of the Guinean town of Lola in search of Ebola victims, crowds of women gather to shoo the medical workers away, young boys throw stones and angry men reach for their machetes... Read More

Violent Protests in Ebola-Hit Guinea After Imam's Arrest | February 9, 2015
The Daily Mail/AFP
Around a dozen Guineans were wounded Monday in clashes with police after the arrest of an imam who led funeral prayers for a suspected victim of Ebola... Read More

German Drugmaker Stada to Launch Rapid Test for Ebola | February 9, 2015
German drugmaker Stada will launch a test next month that can diagnose Ebola virus infections within minutes, it said on Monday, a move it hopes will help to slow the spread of the disease... Read More

February 2 - 8, 2015

Guinea's Muslim Clerics Call for End to FGM to Help Stop Ebola | February 6, 2015
Muslim leaders in Guinea have called on families to end the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus... Read More

IMF to Provide $100 Million in Debt Relief for Ebola-Hit Nations | February 5, 2015 |

The IMF said it will provide close to $100 million in debt relief for Ebola-hit countries and is considering another $160 million in loans as they try to repair economies ravaged by the outbreak... Read More
Secretary-General Appoints Bintou Keita of Guinea Ebola Crisis Manager for Sierra Leone  | February 5, 2015
UN [press release]
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Bintou Keita of Guinea as Ebola Crisis Manager for Sierra Leone for the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER)... Read More

Ebola Drug Aids Some in a Study in West Africa | February 4, 2015
New York Times
For the first time, a drug is showing promising signs of effectiveness in Ebola patients participating in a study. The medicine, which interferes with the virus’s ability to copy itself, seems to have halved mortality... Read More

New Ebola Cases Show First Rise in 2015 | February 4, 2015
BBC News
The number of new cases of Ebola went up in all three of West Africa's worst-hit countries in the last week of January, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday... Read More
Less Than Half $2.9bn Ebola Money Reached Affected Countries – UN Study | February 3, 2015
The Guardian
Almost $2.9bn (£1.92bn) was pledged by the end of 2014 in donations to fight west Africa’s Ebola epidemic, yet only about 40% had actually reached affected countries, researchers have said... Read More
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