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January 2015 News

Chimerix Ends Liberia Ebola Drug Trials as Outbreak Wanes | January 31, 2015

Chimerix, Inc. will stop all current and future clinical trials of its antiviral drug in Ebola patients, the company said Friday, citing low numbers of enrolled patients as the outbreak wanes... Read More

Africa Looks to Extend New Disaster Insurance to Ebola-Like Epidemics | January 30, 2015
African countries want to extend a new catastrophe insurance fund, which made its first payout of $25 million this month, to include protection against epidemics in the wake of the devastating Ebola outbreak...Read More

March Meeting to Plan Rebuilding of Ebola-hit States | January 29, 2015
Governments and international organizations plan to meet in March to work out how to rebuild three West African nations whose economies have been shattered by Ebola, a U.N. envoy said on Thursday... Read More

As Ebola 'Fear Factor' Eases, African Tourism Edges Back | January 29, 2015
From the jungle-clad slopes of the Great Lakes to the game parks of South Africa, tourism is beginning to recover as the Ebola outbreak in a corner of the continent ebbs and foreigners overcome their fear of the virus... Read More

Trial Finds GSK Ebola Shot is Safe and Provokes Immune Response | January 28, 2015
First results from a human trial of an Ebola vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline show it is safe and generates an immune response, scientists said on Wednesday, but larger trials are needed to see if it protects and if a booster is needed...Read More

Ebola Vaccine to Be Tried in Liberia | January 23, 2015
Washington Post
Researchers are on the brink of beginning the first human trials for an Ebola vaccine in hard-hit West African countries, in hopes of hastening the end of the current outbreak and preventing future ones from spiraling out of control... Read More

Reserve Mobilization Canceled for Ebola Mission | January 23, 2015
Military Times
[U.S.] Military officials said Friday that the mission to help contain the Ebola virus in West Africa will not require the mobilization of several hundred reservists who had been on tap to deploy... Read More

PwC, Dangote, Others in Private Sector Join Fight Against Ebola | January 19, 2015
The Chronicle (Ghana)
The Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust, an historic private sector initiative, announced that Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) has joined leading African businesses in supporting the African Union Support for Ebola in West Africa (ASEOWA) program... Read More

Ebola Crisis: Mali Says It Has No More Cases | January 18, 2015
BBC News
Mali's health minister says the country is now free of the Ebola virus, after 42 days without a new case of the disease. "I declare this day... the end of the epidemic of the Ebola virus in Mali," said Ousmane Kone... Read More

J&J Ebola Vaccine Gets 100 Million Euros to Speed Development | January 16, 2015
Johnson & Johnson said on Friday that newly formed groups supporting work on its experimental Ebola vaccine would receive 100 million euros ($115 million) from Europe's Innovative Medicines Initiative to speed development... Read More

Liberia: Ebola Causes Decline in Seven Bank Deposits, Others | January 15, 2015 
The Inquirer (Monrovia)
Of the nine banks operating in the country, seven showed declines in deposits, loans and assets, while eight experienced declines in capital during the period July to September 2014 as result of the Ebola outbreak... Read More

FDA OKs Testing Aethlon Ebola Device | January 2, 2015
UT-San Diego
San Diego's Aethlon Medical said its Hemopurifier blood filter has been approved by the FDA for use in a clinical trial to treat Ebola patients... Read More