About CCA's Ebola Response Portal
The Corporate Council on Africa's (CCA) Ebola Response Portal is a hub for information sharing - providing updated news clips, event listings, engagement opportunities and resources for both members and non-members. CCA's platform convenes key actors involved in the response to Ebola Viral Disease (EVD), including our member companies with operations in the affected countries and/or whose products and services align with country needs; U.S and African government officials; and other private sector initiatives responding to the crisis. It will serve as a meeting point for interested actors responding to the outbreak of EVD in West Africa. It will also highlight the work already being done by CCA members - both philanthropic and programmatic. 
Ebola Response Portal content will be driven by both demands on the ground in West Africa and also the needs of US policymakers. We encourage active participation by all those working on EVD, and submissions of material that others may find useful. As EVD operations shift from response towards recovery, CCA is committed to providing an ongoing forum for private and public sector actors in the U.S. and Africa.
*CCA Member Spotlight*
Jhpiego Works with Health Officials in West Africa to Limit Spread of Ebola Virus
As part of its ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola virus disease in West Africa, Jhpiego, an international health non-profit and Johns Hopkins University affiliate, is bringing health officials and clinicians from across the region to Ghana for specialized training in infection prevention to prepare for future health emergencies. To learn more, click here.

IBM Launches anti-Ebola initiatives in West Africa
IBM has launched several initiatives to help curb the spread of Ebola in West Africa.They include a citizen engagement and analytics system in Sierra Leone that enables Communities affected by Ebola to communicate their issues and concerns directly to the government; a donation of IBM Connections technology in Nigeria to strengthen the Lagos State government’s preparedness for future disease outbreaks; and a global platform for sharing Ebola-related data. The efforts combine expertise from IBM’s global network of research labs with the company’s years of experience in humanitarian disaster response by applying mobile technology, data analytics and cloud computing to help governments and relief agencies as they seek to contain the deadly disease. The work benefits from contributions from a number of partners including Sierra Leone’s Open Government Initiative, Cambridge University’s Africa’s Voices project, Airtel and Kenya’s Echo Mobile. To learn more, click here.
"What You Need to Know about Ebola" | CDC
 Information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), click the picture to access pdf version.